How to Send Payment through CashApp

Sending payment through CashApp is safe and easy.
Just follow the simple steps listed below...

Step # 1 - Choose order quantity.

1 Jar: $19.99

(+ free shipping)

2 Jars: $34.99

(+ free shipping)

3 Jars: $47.99

(+ free shipping)

4 Jars: $59.99

(+ free shipping)

5 Jars: $72.50

(+ free shipping)

Step # 2 - Login to your CashApp account and send payment to us.

Send payment to the following $Cashtag:


Step # 3 - Email us with your information.

After sending payment, we will need the following information from you:

  1. Your name and the dollar amount you have sent (in order to verify the order).

  2. The items you ordered which you would like us to ship to you (i.e. 4 jars of ManSlide).

  3. The name and address where you would like to have your order shipped.

That's it!  Then, simply email us at and we will
ship your order and then email you the shipment tracking number immediately.