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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Man Slide?

Man Slide is a personal lubricant for men. Specifically, Man Slide is a unique jelly which is applied to the penis by gentle massage. The resulting heat activates Man Slide, creating a super-slippery experience which revitalizes the skin while it lubricates.

What is a 'personal lubricant'?

A personal lubricant is a lubricant used during sexual intercourse. Man Slide is the ideal personal lubricant for men, and is an extremely slippery and satisfying sex lube. Man Slide is perfect for use during sexual intercourse, masturbation, massage, male genital revitalization and penis enlargement exercises.

Can I use Man Slide during sexual intercourse?

Of course. Man Slide can be used during anal or vaginal sexual intercourse.

Does it last a long time?

Absolutely! Just a small amount will last as long as you do with no need to re-apply.

What are the ingredients in Man Slide?

Man Slide contains a unique blend of Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Paraffin, Ceresin, Beta Carotene and Vitamin E.

How big is the container?

Each container of Man Slide contains a generous 4 ounces. Don't be misled by other lubes which offer greater sizes but the product is used up much more quickly. Man Slide is designed to last and last, without the need for constant re-application like other products.

How do you use it?

Simply apply a small amount of the jelly to the penis by gentle massage. The resulting heat will activate Man Slide, creating a slippery smooth experience which revitalizes the skin while it lubricates.

Can it be eaten/swallowed?

No. It won't harm you, but why would you want to eat it?

Can Man Slide be used for penis enlargement exercises?

Yes! Man Slide is the perfect lubrication for use with a penis enlargement program, since it's clean, long-lasting and super slippery. In fact, many of our clients order Man Slide specifically to use with a penis enlargement program. If you are interested in penis enlargement, please visit our Recommended Links section where we recommend a variety of quality products and services for male enhancement.

What other benefits does Man Slide offer?

In addition to being a superior personal lubricant, Man Slide also helps to revitalize your skin. For a complete list of the many benefits Man Slide offers, please take a moment to view our The Benefits of ManSlide section.

Can I use Man Slide with a cock ring?

Yes. Man Slide may be used with any type of cock ring or erection ring, including silicone or plastic rings.

Can I use Man Slide with sex toys?

Yes. Man Slide may be used with any sex toy, whether it be a masturbator, "rubber pussy", "love doll", vibrator or dildo.

If I order, what will appear on my credit card statement?

For your privacy, your credit card charges will appear on your statement as "Austin Research Institute via InternetSecure." This way, no one will ever know that you have ordered Man Slide.

Is it safe to order by credit card?

Yes, it is completely safe. We use state-of-the-art encryption security technology, so your online order is completely secure. When you are ready to place an order, you will be taken to a secure server prior to being asked for any credit card information. Furthermore, we use an AVS (Address Verification System) which compares your billing address to that listed on file with your credit card company. Please note that if this information does not match one another, your order will be declined. This is another important way in which we protect our customers against possible fraud.

Is Man Slide available in retail stores?

No. At the present time, Man Slide is only available through this site. But please remember that shipping is completely free. You will have the convenience of delivery direct to your door. In addition, you will not endure the potential embarrassment of purchasing this product in person.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee that our product is free from defects.

Is shipping discreet?

Of course. Your order will be securely and discreetly packaged in a plain package. For your privacy, nothing will be written on the package that identifies the contents in any manner.

Do I have to pay any sales tax?

No, you will not be asked or required to pay any sales tax on your order unless you live in Maryland. Maryland residents must pay 6% sales tax.

How much does shipping cost?

Nothing! Shipping is FREE - regardless of where you live or how much you order. Unlike other companies which advertise lower prices and then tack on huge shipping charges at the end, we give you the full cost up front and you do not pay for shipping or handling. Free shipping is just another way in which our product represents a far better value than any other product.

Can you ship to Post Office (P.O.) Boxes?

Yes, we can ship to P.O. Boxes.

Can you ship to APO/FPO military addresses?

Yes, we can ship to any APO or FPO address.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to most English-speaking countries in the world, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa to name a few. If you are unsure whether or not we can ship to your country, please contact us before placing your order and we can tell you.

Are you ready to try Man Slide for yourself?

If you'd like to experience the ultimate in personal sexual lubrication, then stop give Man Slide a try today.

Try it and you'll discover why men and women from around the world are calling Man Slide the best personal lubricant on the market.

We know you'll be absolutely amazed!


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